Monday, July 2, 2012

What I've Learned. What I do With It.

I do a lot of research on food, and clean healthy eating. I haven't always given it much thought, but after watching my grandmother die from diabetes complications just because she wouldn't change her eating habits, I realized just how much what we eat impacts us. It seems obvious, right? If you put mountain dew in the tank of a car [or anything other than the fuel it was designed to run on], it ruins the car. How much more, then, should we care about what we put into our bodies, and whether or not it's what was designed to go in them? Look around - just as the wrong fuel can ruin a car, the wrong foods are ruining our bodies.
My interest in this grew exponentially when I got pregnant with my Sugarbean. I knew what I was eating was going straight to her little developing body, and that was heavy for me!
So that is what got me started. Add to that the fact that my husband is in full time ministry and has to raise support, and you have the other half of my food interests - a tight budget!! And now we arrive at the blog.
I have heard so many people say that they would eat cleaner if they could afford it. People seem to believe [and man, does the media push it!] that eating healthy is so much more expensive than eating junk that only the super wealthy can do it.

That is not true!!

If we can afford to do it, pretty much anyone can. So this is what I'm doing.
The hubs gave me a grocery budget of $80/week for the 4 of us. I wrote some things down, looked at some prices at Harris Teeter [where I shop] and the farmer's market [where I shop for produce], and I think I can get it all for $65/week.

I'll blog how much time I spend prepping for the shopping, what deals I find, what I get, and how much I spend. I'll probably throw recipes in there too.

I hope someone sees this, and gets something from it. I hope you'll take to heart the fact that your body is a temple, and learn to treat it as such. Ask Jesus to show you how He would like you to eat. I promise He cares about what you put in your body!

Also, a disclaimer: we are not perfect! I am still learning, and hubs and I both grew up in the south eating southern food, so it has been a gradual shift for us. I am NOT an expert, and I am NOT judging how you eat. Just sharing what we choose to do. :]

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