Sunday, April 24, 2011

Update since 40 days ago!

It's been a while since I posted anything, other than the copy&paste stuff about organization, and a LOT has been going on. It's after 9, so I'm sleepy, but I will try to get caught up here!

First of all, the reason for the absence is that the staff of 6:22 were doing a 40 day media fast leading up to our Good Friday event. Can i just be real and say that I did NOT miss Facebook at all? We cancelled Netflix, didn't watch anything on TV [except some stuff that Shiloh likes], got off Facebook, and a few other different things, depending on the person. I really thought not having Facebook would be tough, but honestly if it weren't for my family and the pictures of my girls, I would've deleted my account when this fast ended. I've been so much more productive! More at peace, more organized, more active during the day because I'm not constantly checking updates and all that craziness - it's nuts how much time I waste on that site! But I'm sure I'll fuss more about that another time. :]

The biggest excitement in my life has been having 2 kids! Ariel Judah was born February 17th. She is my little Loverbug. Shiloh has adjusted to her wonderfully, and I'm just constantly in awe of how blessed I am to have such beautiful, perfectly healthy, loving, hilarious little girls.

They are my sunshine -Sugarbean and Loverbug. :]

Also, I've been doing a Bible/Book Study with the rest of the staff on Philip Yancey's book Prayer and I'm really enjoying it. I'm on my 6th time of reading through the book, and I'll definitely read it again. I was going to do a blog series on it and Matthew suggested I teach a study on it instead [I'll probably still do a post or two]. So that's been good.

Let's see...we just had our Passover dinner at the Boiler Room, this past week was the Feast of Unleavened Bread [which I *love*, because I get to make flat breads all week. :] Good excuse to bake too much!], and then we had our Good Friday gathering, which moved from the Town Commons to GCF due to rain. It went great though! 4 or 5 people [ I couldn't see all the hands clearly due to stage lights] accepted Jesus as their Savior - ALWAYS incredible to be around!!!

I've been getting more creative/crafty with the snatches of free time I've had, since I couldn't just get on Hulu or Netflix, too. More posts to come about that I'm sure!

This has been an awesome fast. Very humbling, very eye-opening. I'm excited to see what happens next!

Monday, April 11, 2011

March&April BH&G

**I'm catching up on my BH&G posts! Since Ariel was born [need to post about that!] we've been doing a media fast leading up to Good Friday [need to post about that too!], so I haven't posted anything anywhere. But I don't want to fall too far behind, so this is just a real quick catch-up!**

March Storage Projects: Living Room

Personal Storage Bin. Give every family member a spot to stash personal items. Fill a bookcase with similar baskets or bins and label containers with each person's name. Establish a house rule to put away books, magazines, toys, and projects every night.

Multifunctional Storage. Overhaul your occasional tables. Replace tables and traditional ottomans with small chests and storage cubes. Add baskets to open spaces. Skirt tables and stash items underneath.

Don't Overdo with Collectibles.[I'm currently working on this!] Edit a collection to 12 or a fewer outstanding items. Display on a single shelf for maximum impact. Store other items in the collection in one location. Introduce three or four new items--and remove and store the same number--every season.

Create a Space for Entertainment Supplies. Designate one easily accessible drawer for entertaining supplies. Fill the drawer with coasters, napkins, and snack bowls or plates. Include a basket of favorite snacks, a roll of paper towels, and a mini trash receptacle.

April Storage Projects: Laundry

Sorting Baskets. Place a three-compartment bin or basket (look at home or office supply stores for options) in a closet or on an open shelf in your laundry room. Use it to separate out clothing to be repaired, dry-cleaned, and donated.

Keep Detergent Handy. Fill plastic beverage dispensers with laundry detergent, softener, and other liquid laundry additives. Hang a set of plastic measuring cups nearby from a cup hook.

Drying Rack. Mount a drying rack or double towel bar near your washer as a spot for air-drying clean sweaters or rugs.

Make a Catch-all for Ironing Supplies. Convert a silverware caddy into a stain-treating or ironing kit. Fill with small size cleaners, spray starches, and linen waters. Be sure to include essential tools such as brushes, dry-cleaning pads, and collar points.