Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 Months?!

So my little Sugarbean is 10 months old today. I really can't believe it. I remember looking at her when she was born, and I feel like it's been 2 weeks since then. It's enough to make you cry a little. :] Especially when you're preggo with baby #2! So to my big girl, at 10 months you:

Are crawling, cruising, and standing alone like you were born doing it.
Finally have a "lovey"! A little baby doll your wilmington Grandma [Haley's mom] gave you.
Will try anything we feed you - you are a great eater!Are laying down for naps now...So I am getting more productive ;]
Wake up in the BEST mood - you are so so sweet!
You have started just crawling into our laps and snuggling.
You babble constantly! You get really serious about it sometimes and it's too funny.
You have a great sense of humor and just crack yourself up a lot!
Still only have two teeth, but you're working on more. I don't mind though, since you still nurse to sleep. ;]
Are becoming more of a Daddy's girl every day...I wish you knew what it does to his heart.
You still won't take a pacifier, but that's okay by me!
You figure out things on your own sometimes that really blow us away -you're so advanced for your age.
You make us so proud when you behave in the nursery at church. Despite how anti social we are, you are quite the friendly little booger!
You shout at other little kids in public to get their attention...you really scared a little girl in Babies 'R' Us...haha.

You are so beautiful. You do something new every day, and I feel like if I blink I'm going to miss something. You are truly a gift, and I can't imagine life without you. I pray for you so much! I know Jesus has big plans for you and I'm so privileged to get to see them. I love you more every single day. I can't believe It's time to plan your first birthday already!!