Saturday, April 17, 2010

this is incredible.

Read the girl's story behind this ministry. I can't imagine letting Shiloh do something like this...but what if God has called her to really Love like He does? What if we could raise her to be better than us, to trust God more than us, to be truly selfless and whole-heartedly pursue Christ, no matter what the cost? It scares me to think of letting her go to do something so radical. I wonder how much it tore apart Mary to watch Jesus live out His calling?

It helps me remember my life is not my own. But I have a harder time thinking that about my little girl. :]

Thursday, April 8, 2010

cloth diapers&DIY goodness.

For reasons of frugality and trying to be "green", we are trying out cloth diapers at home. I randomly found one pack of 12 cloth diapers [looks like a burp cloth] at Wal Mart for 5 dollars. I haven't seen them since! I then got two diaper covers off Ebay. You can support stay at home moms and save money over going to some boutique. They usually run from about $14 to $30, and I got mine for $3 and $5. We just don't have the money to drop $100 on the startup kits and all the little extras, so with some creativity and bargain hunting I'm making it work for under $20. If we decide to switch to cloth completely, I'll have to find more covers and maybe more inserts, but I can just find some more deals online. Shiloh likes them, and looks pretty darn cute in them, so the switch may be in our near future.

Then I solved my lack of pillows problem with Matthew's old t-shirts and quilt pieces my grandma put together:And turned my utensil caddy [which took up too much space on the counter] into my crafts caddy:
And made an old cashew can into the new utensil holder:

I'm pretty excited about getting stuff done. I've had a surge of energy and creativity the last month or so! Expect more pictures and DIY stuff soon, regarding my garden and our move coming up!