Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Shopping Trip 6.2

Normally, I'll go shopping on Wednesday when the circulars come out, so that I know all the good deals won't be gone. But this is going to be a weird month for us, because we're switching around some administrative stuff with the Hubs's income. So we went ahead and shopped Monday, partly for this, and partly because I had an E-VIC special on organic milk [which I use to make yogurt] that ended on Tuesday.

So here's what we got, partly stocking up and partly for a cookout we're hosting today!

(2) Mrs. Paul's Grilled Tilapia
Luigi's Italian Ice 6pk
Frozen Corn on the Cob
Frozen Green Peas
Sargento 2% Provolone Slices
Athenos Hummus
(2) Dean's Heat 'n Eat Dip
Silk Almond Milk Single
Silk Almond Milk 1/2 Gallon
(2) 4pk Turkey Burgers
Organic 2% Milk Gallon
32 oz Bailey's Creamer
(2) Wheaties Cereal
(2) Cheerios
Whole Grain Croissants 3pk
Watermelon slice

Total before discounts: $76.97

VIC Discounts:
BOGO Mrs. Paul's (-$5.39)
BOGO Luigi's (-$2.00) [half price if you only get one]
Corn on sale (-.82)
Sargento Cheese on sale (-.89)
BOGO Hummus (-$1.50) {half price}
Dean's on sale (-.79 each)
Silk 1/2 Gal on sale (-.45)
Turkey Burgers on sale (-2.19 each)
Organic Milk EVIC (-$1.22)
Bailey's sale (-$1.49)
BOGO Wheaties (-$3.69)
BOGO Cheerios (-$3.29)

Coupons used:
$1 Mrs. Paul's
.50 Luigi's (doubled to $1)
.55 Sargento (doubled to $1.10)
.85 Dean's (doubled to $1.70)
.55 Silk Single
.60 Silk 1/2 Gal (doubled to $1.20)
$1.00 Wheaties
$1.00 Cheerios
$2.00 Bakery Coupon for Croissants

Total after discounts: $39.60

So added to the internet order from earlier this week, I'm up to $71.10 for the week.

I went over the $65 mark, but stayed in my $80 budget. This is because I bought the meat and dips for the cookout that I wouldn't ordinarily buy. Also, I'm stocked up for the month on flour and cereal, so that will reduce what I have to spend on the other weeks. If I can keep the month to $250, I'll be okay with that!

I'm amped to see if I can do this. :] If I hadn't had the girls with me, I probably would've done better, but that's alright.

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