Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First grocery purchase of the month!

At $65 a week, I have a $250 a month budget [it sounds huge when I say it like that!! *thankful*], and last night I made our first "bulk" purchase for the month.

I used myspicesage.com to order coconut flour, which was recommended to me by a very smart friend who is a nutritionist by trade. I'm trying out some gluten-free eating, because I've been reading a lot on the effect that gluten can have on the body. One of the side affects is bad seasonal allergies, along with some other things we've had issues with. So I'm going to try this and see if those things go away. If they do, wheat will be out for good!

Anyway, I got 5 pounds of coconut flour, and they threw in 5 free vanilla beans [those things are $3 a piece at the farmer's market here! Homemade vanilla extract anyone?!] and a 1 ounce packet of pumpkin pie spice. PLUS free shipping. So I spent $32 of my budget so far, but I should not need any more flour this month. Stocking up on staples can cost, but they last a long time so if you break it down between the 4 weeks of the month, it's only 8 of the 65 dollars. Plus if it helps with allergies, I'm going to save a FORTUNE on allergy medicine! ;]

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