Monday, July 9, 2012

Another Money Saver

Another way I save on grocery shopping without having to clip coupons is SavingStar.

 Basically, you link your loyalty cards from any stores [grocery stores, drug stores, etc] and you can click through their coupons to add them to your card. What they do then is NOT take that amount off when you shop - they put it in your Savingstar account, and once you reach $5 you can get that money - as a gift card, to your paypal account or even your bank account. You can also let it accumulate to a larger amount. I've already gone over the $5 mark without even trying to plan around it, and that's only shopping at Harris Teeter - you can probably add it up real quick with a CVS or Walgreens card. And the nice part is, you can use a paper coupon on the item as well, and still get the Savingstar credit.

I won't get anything from people signing up through that link, I just surprised myself at how quickly I earned credit and wanted to share. :]

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