Friday, July 13, 2012

New Book! [Read: I Am Going to Blog my Face Off.]

The hubs got me a new book!
See how happy I am about it? No? Maybe I should turn on a light or something the next time I take a picture. I'm no Ginny Corbett, that's for sure! ;]

Anyway. The book is "Green Living", by the editors of "E/The Environmental Magazine" and it is big! I love big books. I got to page 40 on the day I got it, and already have about 14 blog posts worth of stuff. I love information! haha. *nerd alert*

On page 40, I made my first dog-ear. This is what is on page 40:

Hazards in cosmetics to look for: 
Carcinogens. [FD&C or D&C colors. Formaldehyde. Diethanolamine, triethanolamine, and monoethanolamine, or DEA, TEA, and MEA]

Endocrine Disruptors. [phthalates {they don't always list these by this name, because people know it's not good!}, surfactants, parabens]

These toxins are easily absorbed by our skin, and can interfere with how our bodies are supposed to work. Possible side effects? Get ready for this-
infertility, miscarriage, birth defects, reproductive and breast cancer, and thyroid, heart, liver lung, and kidney damage.


Would you take a medication with these possible side effects? GoodNESS. This blew my mind. I already don't wear make-up, but this stuff is in shampoo, soap, perfume, and all kinds of other personal care products. It's getting harder and harder to avoid this mess, but it can be done. I will now be scouring the internet for some homemade personal care recipes to share. :] 

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