Tuesday, July 10, 2012

All Natural Ant-Repellent

I read somewhere a while back [sorry I can't link to it, I can't remember where I saw it!] about a woman  who was sprinkling minced garlic in her yard to repel spiders. It did work for the spiders, but she also noticed that she hadn't seen nearly as many ants after starting the garlic treatment.

So a few days ago our house started getting attacked by ants. I sweep every day, and mop almost every day, but with two little ones, sometimes they just hide food places for bugs to find. We sprayed things down with some eco-friendly ant spray we had, but dang-it if they didn't come back anyway. When I finally found some in my kitchen, I got really mad and decided to try something else. We always have fresh garlic on hand [the Hubs likes Italian food!], so I diced it up and lined it around wherever I had seen them, and they have not been back! Not a single one. We even accidentally left the honey out and open on the counter this morning, and nothing.

This was great news to me - a relatively cheap ant repellent that won't hurt my kids even if they eat it.

[Tip: watch the clearance produce racks for big bags of garlic! I got  a large bag of it for a dollar about 2 months ago!]

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