Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Recyclebank = grocery budget savior!

Wanted to share something that helps me out in a major way, budget-wise.

Recyclebank is a site where you basically watch little videos or make pledges or read short articles [all of it is very quick!] and earn points. I don't usually care for things like this, except that I discovered one of their prizes is a $10 off $50 at Harris Teeter coupon!! It literally takes me about 20 minutes, if that, of clicking through the earning opportunities to earn the 100 points it takes to get this. I've done it several times, and there are lots of other high value coupons, but I just can't drag myself away from that HT one. ;]

Seriously try it out! If after a few minutes you're not feeling it, then all you've lost is a few minutes. But if you like it, you could be saving some major money pretty easily!

[You can use other coupons with the $10 one too...just coupon your total down to $50 and then pull this baby out!]

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