Monday, May 11, 2009

row boats and new plants

This weekend I got up on Saturday morning and wanted to do something outside. I also wanted to keep from spending a bunch of money on something entertaining to do, and somehow avoid an allergy attack for Matthew as well. What to do?

River Park North. Greenville people - support River Park North!! I've been talking about going for a while, so Matthew mentioned it Saturday morning and we called some friends to see if they felt up to some outdoors-y fun. The four of us [five, if you count their puppy, Daisy] drove out there and rented a couple jon boats for $5 a piece - and that's for four hours of use! We got to paddle around and enjoy the sun while staying cool since the wind was coming across the water at us, Matthew's allergies were fine because of the water. We got some fun pictures, Daisy got her first boat ride, it was excercise, it was inexpensive, and I got some sun [finally!] without having to sit outside and sweat. We now also know we can go rent canoes and pedal boats, dig in the fossil pit, walk down three different trails, have picnics, go camping, rent fishing equipment, and paddle all the way down to the Town Commons from their outlets. If you don't live in Greenville, look up the website for the city you live in or a few surrounding cities - parks like this are not uncommon. It's a great thing to support, it keeps you healthy without feeling like exercise, and you can enjoy nature and spend less money than going out to dinner or to the movies. That's what Michael Scott would call a win-win-win scenario. :]

I also found some cool stuff I wanted to share, but instead of typing it all out I'll just post the link to this other guy's blog...pretty fun stuff.

I LOVE baking soda. It's useful for everything! I already use it for a lot, but here's a list of some good ideas[the comments are useful too!]:

Lemons are super useful too. I'd like to get more into using them.

And my new favorite thing : Guerilla Gardening. I don't know where to get these supplies, but the seed ball idea sounds super fun.

That's about it...trying to stay short and sweet. :]


Matthew Lilley said...

I posted some photos from the River Park North adventure on my Flickr page...

Julie Wilson said...
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Julie Wilson said...

pat and i love river park north...we usually just go walk the trails...but now we will have to try the paddle boats...sounds like fun!