Tuesday, May 5, 2009

good finds in g-vegas

It's been a crazy weekend, but I'm back now. Friday we had a big event called Day Seven, and we've just been settling back down from that all weekend, so I skipped yesterday too. But I'm back! :] So here's what's been happening.

1. Free Planters
You've seen the picture of our indoor garden, and it has now just about tripled in size. However, planters are not super cheap, and I did not want to go spend $60-$100 on plastic pots. So Matthew and I went driving around, and after one very disappointing night, we decided to drive through a friend's neighborhood just to look and jackpot! We got about 10 different sized planters all big enough to give our veggies room to grow, and we paid nothing for them. A neighbor was throwing them all out, and we just grabbed them from their trash pile. And now our garden has outgrown our apartment! Half of it's downstairs [getting lots of rain right now, actually].

This just about made me do a dance. We were looking at some apartments downtown for when we move to make room for the baby, and across the street there was a big vacant lot with a large garden. I didn't know what it was, but it looked fun, so when the girl was showing us the apartment, I asked her about it, and she said it's a community garden where you pay $40 a year for a plot and can plant your own garden. And she said they're really cool about sharing stuff that they grow too! I am so excited. I can't wait to transplant our garden over there.

3. Froggs.org and Uptown Greenville.
Join Froggs.org! We did today. Look at their 5 year plan for Greenville- they're already starting on it. Greenville apparently just got this big grant to put in parks and implement green building, and they're pushing the revitalization of existing properties over the wasteful practice of tearing them down and starting over - super exciting! And Uptown Greenville is going to also start a Farmer's Market DOWNTOWN! Not to mention all other kinds of beautifying and greening of the area. This was a good find by Matthew!

So...bottom line is...Greenville, NC is no longer the worst place in the US to live. Haha. And we're starting to live up to our name!

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Anonymous said...

Super cool! Greenville is living up to its name... Sounds like an answer to a prayer I heard last week by this super cool girl named Shepard! ;)