Monday, May 7, 2012

The Little Mermaid

My Sugarbean is really into The Little Mermaid right now. As I type this, she is watching it intensely. Again.

Ah, well. At least it's not Sponge Bob.

Watching this with her recently, one scene struck me very deeply.
I can't find a clip of it on youtube, or I'd have it up here. It's pretty powerful.

At the final climax, King Triton comes in and tries to save his daughter. He attempts to destroy the contract she signed with Ursula, but He can't. He has to live by the law, it's part of being a respectable king. And Ariel agreed to this contract, knowing what it would cost her. She deserved the consequences. But he is a loving Father, as well as a king. So knowing he can't break the law, but wanting to save his daughter, he does what any loving father would.

He reaches out and signs his name over hers. He takes the consequences onto himself.

It's a quick moment that I missed as a child. But watching this with my daughters, I immediately got choked up and heard a whisper - this is what I did for you.

It's the gospel. We make the choice to sin. We make the choice to turn away. We make the choice to ignore guidelines given to us by a loving Father. And when it's time to face consequences, we deserve them. We deserve it all.

But then our Father steps in, and says "No. I love you. The consequences must stand - but let Me take them instead. "

Then He signs His name - His spotless, respectable, kingly name - over ours. And He saves us from the very consequences he tried to warn us about.

It's beautiful! I'll never watch that movie the same way again. I'd encourage you to find it and watch at least that scene.

:) That's all for now.

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